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Crime in Thailand

Crime in Thailand is an increasing issue in the country. It is a problem worth considering, because the crime rate is one of the most worrying national issues, and doesn’t seem to have a solution yet or later. The military junta that controls the country since 2014 has also taken control of the media, including internet censorship; however, delinquency, corruption and many other crimes are evident, no matter how much the government tries to hide them.

The increasing problem in Thailand: crime

Thailand houses an impressive amount of severe crimes of all type. One of the most relevant types of crime is official corruption. For example, total police confabulation is very common throughout the country, as well as bribery. The corruption in Thailand has reached such expansion that even Buddhist monks have been caught involved in prostitution, weapon traffic, pornography and illegal drugs.

A New York Times article in November 2015 reported that violent crime, burglaries and robberies in this country increased more than 10% higher than the previous year. Also, juvenile delinquency is growing rapidly. Other common major crimes in Thailand are animal cruelty and murder (e.g.: killing elephants for their tusks), human trafficking, prostitution, fraud (especially involving tourists) and prison corruption.

Reasons of the unstoppable increase of crime in Thailand

The principal responsible of Thailand’s crime rate is the government, which pretends to not be aware of the country’s situation. The government’s ignorance contributes to the local authority’s ignorance as well, making crime much easier. Buddhist’s tolerance also influences significantly the nation’s crime, because it is the dominant religion in the entire country.

Thieves take advantage of the touristic destinations because tourists are easier victims; therefore, touristic destinations are where most of Thailand’s crime takes place. These destinations include the nation’s capital, Bangkok, and other urban areas.