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Divorce in Thailand

When two people decide to take their marriage to an end, they need to follow a legal procedure to validate their divorce legally. Depending on the country’s laws, the procedure will change. In Thailand, for example, the laws for divorce are clear. Let’s see more details about divorce in Thailand and what is necessary to realize the divorce procedure.

The types of divorce in Thailand

Thailand has the particularity of offering two types of divorce, unlike many countries, that only have a single legal procedure for divorce.

  • Uncontested divorce. This is the most common form of divorce in Thailand, because it is the easiest and fastest If a couple wants to end their marriage by uncontested divorce, no proof or valid reason is needed. The only things required for this type of divorce is mutual agreement and the physical presence of both spouses. Unlike the contested divorce, no witnessing is necessary, either lawyers or any other legal representatives.
  • Contested divorce. On another hand, contested divorce is the most complicated procedure for divorce in Thailand. A court trial is needed in this case, and also attorneys, witnesses, etc. Even though it is harder than the uncontested divorce, it is the most reliable divorce procedure, because it implicates completely legal

The spouse that petitioned the court must present evidence that proves the divorce is legal. Of course, the evidence must be accorded to the Thai law of divorce. A lot of documents are needed to complete the procedure.

The court fee for each contested divorce depends on the claims on marital property. If claims are presented, the fee is larger, but cannot exceed 200.000 Thai Baht. If no marital property claims are presented, the fee is only 1.000 Thai Baht.

These are the basic principles of divorce in Thailand. However, to know more details, visit