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Each country has its own immigration laws and procedures, in order to maintain the nation’s organization and to avoid illegal residencies. In Thailand, every person that wishes to immigrate needs to fill some requirements. In case someone infringes the legal parameters of immigration, the local authorities will make sure to penalize the person based on the Thai immigration laws. Let’s learn more about the Thai immigration laws in this article.

Some of the immigration laws of Thailand

The immigration laws of Thailand are lengthy, so we’ll resume some of them in few paragraphs, in order to give you the most important ideas.

  • First of all, no person can enter in the Kingdom of Thailand without a visa. (The Thai visas are obtained in Royal Thai Embassies or by a Royal Thai Consulate-General). But there are some exceptions. Only some people can enter the country without needing a visa:
  • Those who are citizens of countries who have bilateral visa exemption agreements with Thailand.
  • Those who are citizens of countries that don’t require visa to enter the Kingdom of Thailand for touristic purposes only. Anyway, they will have a limit of no more than 30 days to stay in the country.
  • Citizens of a specific list of countries can acquire a visa upon arrival in Thailand, but cannot stay in the nation for longer than 15 days.
  • People that have passed by or are from countries infected with Yellow Fever must also have an International Health Certificate which confirms that the person has received the Yellow Fever vaccination.
  • In order to acquire a visa, the traveler must have a passport or any other valid traveling document, which is approved by the Thai government.

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