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Every time legal issues occur, lawyers are the first thing someone needs. Attorneys are essential to defend any person’s rights in judicial trials. Winning a case without a good lawyer is almost impossible. Therefore, counting with a reliable, smart and brave attorney is indispensable, as long as legal issues are involved. Remember that Bangkok is the nation’s capital; thus, the country’s most important legal branches are also located in this city. Besides, some important procedures, like immigration documents, are made there.

The best attorneys in Bangkok

If you are in Bangkok, Thailand, and need a good lawyer to defend a personal legal issue – like immigration, divorce, business registration, etc. – take a brief look at the list below. Even though the final decision is completely yours, the following list will give you notions of which are the best attorneys you can find in Bangkok.

  • Siam Legal. Undoubtedly, Siam Legal is one of the best law firms in the entire city. It is one of the most popular law firms, due to the frequent solicitation of their services. Siam Legal offers attorneys with a wide variety of knowledge, including litigation, business registration, and much more. Not only do these lawyers have a great knowledge of the traditional Thai laws, but the Western laws as well. To know more about Siam Legal, visit their website:
  • Mirandah Asia. This company is focused as an intellectual property law firm that offers legal support in everything that has to do with trademarks, litigation, copyrights, industrial design, and other similar aspects. Learn more:

G.A.M Legal Alliance. This law firm is not involved with any government institution, and offers high-quality services. The attorneys that are part of this team will defend your rights with professionalism and agility. Read more about this excellent law firm in their official website: