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Thailand type of government

Thailand does not have a single government type, like most countries. After several political issues and 17 constitutions, the actual government of Thailand was established in 2014, and still reigns in our days. In order to know with exactitude how Thailand is governed actually, let’s analyze more about the events that led to the actual Thai government (formally known as the Royal Thai Government) type and how it works.

Events that led to the actual Thai government

Since the Siamese Revolution, which occurred in 1932, the absolute monarchy under the Chakri Dynasty was ended to make way for the constitutional monarchy. From that moment on, the nation’s leaders were militaries that ruled the country after coups d’etat. In fact, the actual government was established after a coup d’etat made in 2014, which allowed the NCPO (National Council for Peace and Order) to rule over the nation.

Thailand’s actual type of government

Although the government of Thailand is considered as a constitutional monarchy by some, it is actually a military dictatorship. Why?

The leaders of Thailand practically invalidated the 2007 Constitution. Besides, the 2014 Thai Provisional Constitution granted the Prime Minister and NCPO leader the authority to make any government changes, including administrative, legislative and judicial branches. Thus, the actions they consider necessary will later be legalized and considered constitutional. Obviously, by invalidating the Constitution and granting two persons the authority to establish their own laws, the military junta that rules Thailand is legally a dictatorship.

Thailand still has a monarchy, leaded by a king. The king doesn’t have total power over the government branches, but is the head of the nation’s armed forces. The Constitution grants little power to the king; anyhow, the king and the royal family are highly respected in the country. The king is considered the head of the state.