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Thailand visa requirements

Just like any other country, Thailand has its own parameters of immigration procedures. A visa is required to live in the country, or to visit the country as a tourist. Only some exceptions apply in specific occasions. To know more about the requirements to have a residence or tourist visa in Thailand, keep reading.

Some of the requirements to have a Thai visa

Having a Thai visa is not as hard as much people think. Considering that having a Thai visa is necessary to enter the country, we have resumed some of the most relevant requirements for the people who want a valid Thai visa.

  • Every foreigner needs a visa to enter Thailand, except those who fulfill the following characteristics:
  • Those who are citizens of countries who have a bilateral agreement of visa requirement exemptions.
  • Those who are citizens of countries that do not require a visa if the visit is for touristic purposes; although, the person will not be granted more than 30 days of stay in the nation.
  • Even though most of the applicants of Thai visas need to apply in person, the citizens of certain countries con obtain their visas by representatives, authorized travel agencies or by post.
  • Each visa has a different time of validity, which is totally different from the period of stay. For example, some visas are valid for 6 months, but the granted period of stay is only 30 days. After the period of stay, the visa is still valid.
  • The period of stay is granted by the immigration officer in the port, and will vary depending on the visa type. For example, the non-immigrant visa does not exceed 90 days, counting from the arrival day; on another hand, the tourist visa does not go over 60 days.

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