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Thailand work permit

The only thing that a foreigner needs to start working in Thailand is a work permit. This involves a legal procedure and the fulfillment of some requirements, just as immigration laws. If you are not a Thai citizen and want to work in Thailand, take a look at this article, which resumes the requirements for those who want a work permit.

Requirements to have a work permit in Thailand

The Thai work permit is a document that confirms some personal information and also serves as a job license. Anyways, the work permit is obligatory for every foreigner who wants to work in Thailand. So, what is necessary to acquire one?

  • The first requirement is to have a valid initial visa, a non-immigration visa which should be obtained before entering in Thailand. A resident visa is also accepted.
  • After having this visa, the person has to initiate the procedure for the work permit, which starts in the Ministry of Labor Office. This procedure lasts 7 days (one week), generally.
  • The person should have an employer, which supplies the required documents for the work permit. Besides, the job should be available for foreigners; some jobs don’t accept foreigners.
  • The applicant will need the following documents:
  • Medical certificate
  • 2-inch photo
  • Certificate of degree
  • Valid passport
  • Address (in Thailand, of course)
  • Letter of employment
  • On another hand, the employer needs to supply the following documents:
  • List of shareholders
  • Application for VAT
  • Employment agreement
  • Company certificate and objectives
  • Withholding tax of the company
  • Photocopy of the director’s passport and work permit with signature
  • Office map
  • Letter of employment stating position and salary of employee

Those are all the requirements any foreigner needs to start working in Thailand. The person needs to carry the work permit every time. Also, the only job that the person can perform is the one established in the work permit only.